UHPC Recipes

UHPC Ingredients

This gets tricky. You will see multiple UHPC Recipes on the web and YouTube. Some suppliers of additives capitalize on this by offering magic powders but be warned! The main ingredients are cementitious materials and sand not unicorn additives promising “just add this to regular concrete and you will have UHPC. The only people benefiting from these “one-type additives” are the distributors of them. Real UHPC recipes do not have magic powder, magic expensive additives. Real UHPC requires science and a knowledge of particle packing. The people selling things like this are an embarrassment to the Universities, Scientists, Contractors and Researchers that have spent years actually earning what they created and not the snake oil salesman laughing on their way to the bank at the expense of hard working people.

A Generic UHPC Recipe is made of the following ingredients:

Ordinary Portland Type I cement
Silica fume
Graded silica sand
Steel fibers
High Range Water Reducer (HRWR)

In addition to having the ingredients above, and having to purchase each in very large quantities in order to keep the finish product price competitive, another challenge is testing. Saying a mix design is UHPC and being able to prove it internationally is an entire different thing.

Mixing UHPC in Ready-Mix truck Steelike
Loading Steelike UHPC into a standard Ready-Mix truck for a FHWA project.