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Buddy Rhodes Giant Planter

Buddy Rhodes

Four foot diameter spherical planter



Hit Counter


                   A  design company focusing on custom concrete countertops, resurfacing, restoration, preservation and art.  I am now making heirloom quality wood bases, tables, benches and cabinets. This came from request for complete synergistic designs of several mediums.  Additionally I added one-of-a kind and traditional leaded and stained glass pieces to my offerings.


 Visit or sister company Quintechs, LLC for all indoor/outdoor decorative concrete overlays and resurfacing as well as restoration needs.


Think of your existing space as a blank canvas.  Allow me to become the paint brush, and concrete, wood, metal and leaded or stained glass the medium.  I specialize in nature-inspired organic fluid shapes and artisanal designs.  My goal is to create functional sculptures that reflect your personal taste.  I welcome working with you and/or your designer.

Are you creative? have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own countertop?  Do you want to learn how to make a beautiful stained glass piece?  Would you like to learn how to turn wood?

If you answered yes email me for information on upcoming classes or private one on one instruction. 

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Fabric Formed "Oyster" shaped sink

This sink was formed from fleece, and is now on display at our studio.  This technique is called "fabric-forming," and it allows for unlimited shapes.

Japaniese Table with hand welded legs

The muse for the above table was a Sensu folding fan.


Stained Glass

Custom Stained Glass


One-of-a-kind Custom Floors

140,000 penny floor project

140,000 Pennies went down to create this wine cellar floor.


Heirloom Quality Custom Wood Bases and Cabinets

Custom Wood Vanity Base


Custom Metal Capabilities

Large Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes, stainless steel, 10 feet long with engraved wind catcher.


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 Floor Chef USA

  Designing and Consulting: 

Over the decades I have worked with many designers, engineers and architects.  This interaction has allowed me to acuminate the required skills to design myself.  Sometimes my designs require the use of metal, wood, stain glass and many other materials.   Regardless of the materials, I have always focused on balancing form with function. In addition to creating and manufacturing you can commission me as a consultant.  I can be hire to be as involved as you like from overseeing all aspects of you concrete project or simply advising, designing and recommending which product to use and which company to hire. Please contact me directly for estimates

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