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 A custom concrete countertop, resurfacing, restoration, preservation, art and design company.

 Visit or sister company Quintechs, LLC for all indoor/outdoor decorative concrete overlays and resurfacing as well as restoration needs.


Think of your existing space as a blank canvas.  Allow me to become the paint brush, and concrete the medium.  I specialize in nature-inspired organic fluid shapes and artisanal designs.  My goal is to create functional sculptures that reflect your personal taste.  I welcome working with you and/or your designer.


 Below are design examples of using concrete for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

As you will see the possibilities are endless.


Not reflected are pictures of stepping stones, advanced water features combining water and fire.

Our custom wood, metal and glass capabilities, radiant heating abilities and much more!

I will be adding many more pictures soon so check back often.




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