We are a custom concrete resurfacing, restoration, preservation, art and design company. Think of your existing interior or exterior space as an artist would a canvas. Whether a poured-in-place/preformed concrete countertop, sink, vessel, floor, fireplace surround or even a shower surround, concrete has the remarkable ability to be shaped, colored and  textured in just about any fashion.   Each project is a one-of-a-kind work of art that will outlast just about any other material.  I reverse engineer every countertop I make to last thousands of years, not a few  The flexibility of this medium allows me to incorporate features such as built-in drain boards, bowls, shapes, art, trivets, soap dishes and future homes for faucets and dispensers.  Thanks to advanced training with a fellow artisan Brandon Gore, of Gore Design Co. on the West Coast, we are proud to be one of the first companies on the East Coast capable of creating fabric formed sinks, vessels and concrete art. The range of possibilities is as endless outdoors. As an exclusive Certified Artisan of Buddy Rhodes and certified installer of Elite Crete, my expertise in a diverse range of concrete products enables us to transform a vision into a reality that marries form and function.   Our process is by its very nature "green," and our products are easy to clean and maintain. Beauty is not only skin deep, for inside every piece is aa matrix of alkaline resistant glass fiber which eliminates the need for hand welded cages.    We use sealing products that are environmentally friendly as well as gentle near pets and children, yet have a thirty-five year track record of high performance:  In fact, the primer we use is applied to the exterior of most commercial airplanes.  Kulish Design Co., LLC has relationships with different manufacturers to enable us to match the best material to your project. My goal is to create a work of art that reflects your personal taste. I welcome working with your designer.